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Two Sisters Making A Difference

Meet Judy McKay the coordinator of the Crestview Public School student nutrition program and her sister Anne who are making a real difference in the lives of so very many students at school.   Judy heard of a very emotional and heart tugging story of child who did not have breakfast because it wasn’t his turn and Judy decided then she would help with the program.  Judy enlisted her sister and other volunteers to help with the student nutrition program at the school.

The program runs during each nutrition break at 11:05 am and 1:45 pm with a mixture of grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables for the students to have universal access to during the school day.  Volunteers start an about one hours before  the first break to bag and prepare the bins and the tables for the program. Judy and her team believe consistency in availability is extremely important for students to feel secure that  something is available to them.  Teachers share when someone may need a little for the day for various reasons and a special lunch bag is quickly arranged and shared to those in need that day.

If there is one way to describe Judy other than caring and supportive, she is extremely organized and apparent when visiting the preparation area and her office/fridge with schedules and plans for the week.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers, supports and shares with the student nutrition program at Crestview.