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Tayla Leythorpe, a grade 5 student in Waterloo has done a Lemonade sale, from her family’s home driveway, for the last three summers to raise money to support Nutrition for Learning.

Tayla was visiting a Waterloo school her mother, Libby Leythorpe teaches at and asked, “what are these bins full of food for?”  Libby explained that Nutrition for Learning provides the students at her school with a healthy food in each classroom in case a student gets hungry and needs a snack.  Tayla wondered why the students couldn’t just grab a snack from their lunch bags.  Libby went on to explain that sometimes students don’t bring enough food to get them through the whole day and sometimes if they do have enough in their lunches it is not as healthy as the snacks from the bin.

Tayla liked that Nutrition for Learning was providing students with these snacks and fixing these issues so kids didn’t have to worry about being hungry and they could just be kids.  Tayla could relate to feeling hungry and need a snack because she has her hunger moments after dance practice and before first nutrition break.   Tayla loves that Nutrition for learning feeds kids so their brains can learn and decided she wanted to raise money to help them.

Tayla thought the idea to have a Lemonade sale in front of her house in the summer would help her raise some money for Nutrition for Learning.  “I like knowing I can raise enough money to make change in my community”

Tayla is a bright, sweet considerate young lady.  She is quick to help others and hates to see people frown.  She just wants everyone to be happy.  This is why she has decided to donate all the money she raises each summer to Nutrition for Learning “Even a smile is a donation to a person cause your making another person smile”